Monday, March 28, 2011

An Assembled Offspring

I have not had reports back about most of the part sets that I have made, however here is a set, Prusa #4, that has been assembled and is already printing upgrades and things.

Photo: Gary J. Helriegel © 2011
Gary, thank you for sharing your picture and I look forward to seeing more prints in the future.

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

A new species is born!

We would like to share something we made:

Patrick Hannan, Jared Knutzen, Nicholas C Lewis, Joy Markham 

ME495 - University of Washington
March 9, 2011

Stay tuned for more details...

Monday, March 7, 2011

Light Bar Assembly Instructions

I am getting ready to sell a few of my new RepRap light bar kits and am providing assembly instructions here:

First verify you have all the parts:
Kit parts
The Red LEDs have a different resistor value than the rest.  Ensure that this resistor stays with the Red LEDs.

Take the Red LEDs and resistor and bend the resistor leads to fit the holes on the PCB.  The Red LEDs go in the spots marked "1" with the long LED leads going to the square shaped pads.  The resistor goes in the spot marked "R1." 
Red LEDs (1)
Red LEDs (1)
Solder them in place:
Red LEDs (1) using helping hands

Repeat this for the remaining LEDs taking care to do them one color at a time to avoid mixing up the LEDs.  They each have a number on the label that matches a number on the PCB.
Blue LEDs (2)
Blue LEDs (2)
Green LEDs (3)
Green LEDs (3)
UV LEDs (4)
On the opposite side of the board place the 5 pin right angle header
Then using the edge of a table or other flat object gently bend all the LEDs down to a 30-45° angle (The exact angle will depend on your carriage and hot end, so bend them to optimize the light on your print area.)
Bending LEDs to angle
LEDs bent to angle

Mount it to your carriage connect the "G" pin to ground and the "1"-"4" pins to switched 12V (1 is Red, etc...).
On stock Mendel carriage
On stock Prusa carriage
On Rhys Jones carriage
Red, Blue, & Green LEDs

More pictures here