Tuesday, August 10, 2010

My New Pocket Computer... (Another Birthday Present)

My wife gave me an amazing new phone for my birthday (which is tomorrow)... a Droid X.

This phone is very impressive and is faster than an old tablet PC I have, which brings up a great question "Will someone please port OpenSCAD to Android?"  That would be cool... and right along the lines of a recent Open3DP post.


  1. Cool idea, an OpenSCAD for Android ;)
    Would it run PythonOCC?

  2. A little more looking online and I discovered a recent CAD addition for Android called AndCAD (http://mobile.talon-designs.net/andcad.htm). It is 2D and touch based.

    The real value I see in something like OpenSCAD is that you could have a simple interface that would let you build a script (or even just type one in) and then render your model.