Sunday, April 3, 2011

A Clonedel transplant

It seems that a year of printing parts, 16 offspring plus many other items, has had its toll on Willow.

I also noticed that the filament has not been feeding well resulting in very poor prints.  Looking for the culprit led me to my idler. The original was cracked and when I was talking to Matt at Metrix Create: Space he suggested I replace it with a Clonedel idler.
Clonedel idler installed
There are more pictures of the transplant and the original idler here.

After breaking a tooth off my x pulley at the end of the year I broke another tooth off a few days ago. The broken tooth is actually the same one as before but on the other end.
Old x pulley
This time I replaced it with a new one that was printed for me by Open3DP.
New x pulley

And finally I just noticed that my z end stop spring is cracked as well.
Cracked opto-spring
I am not sure how I want to fix that yet.  But will probably go with a Prusa style clamp on the guide rod.

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