Sunday, July 17, 2011

Integrated Parametric RepRap developments

I finally have had time to start working on my IPR project again.  I have a set of prototype parts printed out and have cut plywood sides and rods.

IPR main frame

Although I already have several things I want to change I plan to assemble it as much as possible before making any changes. I expect to assemble it a few times before working out all the bugs.  So far I like how it is coming together and think this is a good compromise between a Sell's Mendel and a Prusa Mendel (Although it has much more in common with the Sell's).

I bought some T-Rex 500 R/C helicopter gears that I was thinking of using for a new extruder design but I think the main gear may be larger than I want.  I have some R/C car gears on the way that should be closer to the size of the stock Wade's gears (they may even work on a stock body).

T-Rex 500 gears with Wade's gears
There are more pictures on Flicker


  1. Did you manage to use heli gears for your extruder? any results? Thanks.

  2. Miguel,
    I did not end up using the heli gears. I found some slightly smaller R/C car gears which are working well. I have not been doing very much with RepRap for the last few months but will be getting back into it very soon. I am also planning to start blogging at instead of here from now on. (I may double post for a little while until people start following there.)

  3. Thanks Nicholas. Could you please post a link to the R/C car gears that are working for you?

  4. The gears are a 72 tooth main gear (Traxxas 4472) with a 14 tooth spur gear (Traxxas 5640). I found them on eBay but they are probably available at most hobby stores.