Saturday, August 13, 2011

Continued IPR developments

I have reprinted most of the parts of my prototype for various reasons.  Some of them were just weak from poor print quality (My printer was acting up a few months ago when I printed most of them), others needed minor changes.
The original part is the grey one above and the new one is the white one below.  I added a extra pulley to help the belt path.

I ordered 0.2mm pitch belt and pulleys, which are very nice.

I have also finished assembling a Sanguinololu set and mounted that to my plywood side.
Sanguinololu testing
Sanguinololu mounted

I designed a smaller version of the Makerbot mechanical endstop which I plan to upload soon as well.  My version is designed to support 3 or 4 wire connections.  The boards were fabricated by the DorkbotPDX PCB service which makes very high quality purple PCBs.

I have some connectors and wire on order to finish wiring up my motors and should have a video of it moving by next weekend.  The next steps will be to finalize my extruder and hotend plans and then it should be printing.

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