Sunday, May 30, 2010

My Mendel Build (Y & Z-axis)

The Y-axis is basicaly stock.  The only real changes I made were reorienting a bolt in the motor mount.

The directions say that the one closest to the motor goes the other way.

The 360° bearing parts are a little challenging to get the washers in next to the bearings.

I ended up with three washers on each side of the center bearings on the 360° bearings and five washers on either side in the 180° bearings.

The only other change to the Y-axis was the wooden plate.  I cut this using a scroll saw, so I simplified the periphery.  I also eliminated the build plate notch and drip board.  In this picture you can see wooden y belt clamps.  I did not end up using them and will go into more detail about that when I get the the assembly section.  The other thing to not is that I only have two bolts in each bearing assembly.  I have left it with only two but moved one to the diagonal (inside).

Next came the Z-axis.  This had major changes. The tensioner was removed and the motor mount was combined with the lead screw base.
This was done by modifying Vik's OpenSCAD version of the lead screw base.  The other side just gets a lead screw base.

Finally I assembled the lead screws.  The change here was to use the different pulleys that have the integrated pulley washers.  I also used nylocks instead of the normal nuts called out.

 Next time I will talk about the frame and final assembly.

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