Sunday, May 30, 2010


I have fallen a little behind in posting the build.  So I am skipping the final assembly posts for now to let you all know that it is alive and printing.

It was officially alive Friday night (May 28, 2010) here is a picture of it's first extrusion.

It had a minor issue with jammed extrusion nozzle so after some minor surgery it was working again.
Not a perfect part, but still a part.

I then took it down to Metrix Create: Space on Saturday night for "MakerBot Night."   The very helpful people who were there were able to help me fix my firmware and adjust some other settings to get better results.

More adjustments and tweaks are needed but it is printing...
The thing on top is an experimental spool holder.  I will post the files for it on thingiverse soon.

And it has a name now, Willow.  If you are curious why do a web search for "blue and white willow."

I will get the final assembly posts up soon.

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