Thursday, July 22, 2010

Happy Printer!!! :-)

I received two more tips after my last post, the first was to try turning up the heat and the second was to turn down the extruder current.

I am not sure about the temperature as I WAS printing fine around 180°C before and I had tried turning it up some (to around 190°C).  But I thought why not try.

The current on the extruder however I had been messing with just before I started having problems a while back.  I did not think that having the current to high would cause problems with extruding, but just might make my stepper run too hot.

So I turned up the heat to 210°C and turned the current back down to as low as I could and still have the stepper turn.

And it prints!!! (here are a few pictures of one of my favorite test parts, the "y_bar_clamp_10off")

Maybe not quite as well as before my problems, but I have also messed with all my speeds and feeds in my efforts to fix things so I probably need to tune them back in for the new nozzle.

Thank you for your helpful suggestions Buzz & Tony.


  1. Nicholas,

    I have almost completed my mendel, and am looking for an "extruder kit", that will work off the shelf. You mentioned in your post that you purchased extruders. Would you mind telling me where you are buying these extruders from?
    Also, would they work on mendel? What do I need to do to get them working?
    Thankyou in advance for your help.
    My private email account is

    Best Wishes

  2. What I bought was the nozzle and insulator.
    I bought one from ebay -

    I also have a nozzle that was made by someone at the University of Washington in one of our machine shops. (That is the one with the acorn nut that I am using currently)

    The extruder itself (motor, pinch wheel, etc...) is a Wade's extruder (