Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Willow is still sad :-(

The extruder skips and seems to have a lot of back pressure (no matter what nozzle combo I put on).
I guess it is time to get some help from my friends at Metrix Create: Space, but maybe not until the end of august, after my brothers wedding (since I am making the dress and a kilt...)  :-(


  1. check the temperature ou're running it at with a digital thermocouple or something. if you have nothing to compare agains, just run it 10 degrees hotter than you have been, and see if it extrudes better. worst thing that'll happen is your abs or pla will bubble or discolour, best thing that'll happen it the problems will go away!.


  2. Maybe try adjusting the power using the pot on the extruder controller. I had that kind of behavior when I had the power too high which I think was causing the H-Bridge chips to overheat and the motor to stutter. I also put some heatsinks on the H-Bridge chips which I think helped too.