Saturday, January 22, 2011

New light bar PCBs

After making my last light bar I had a few people ask me about buying one.  So I fixed the issues I had with my first iteration of the PCB and had 3 more made using DorkbotPDX's PCB service.  These boards are much nicer than the one from BatchPCB and they came faster as well (it is also cheaper if you need 3 of each board).
It should now fit on a standard Mendel carriage, Rhys-Jones multi-material carriage, and a Prusa carriage.

I love the purple solder mask and the silkscreen detail it very nice.  I plan to assemble one of them to check that the changes I made to the PCB work as expected.  After that I will have a production run made and have kits available to purchase. 

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