Monday, June 14, 2010

Plastic on my porch!!!

So far the materials I have used are some Makerbot ABS (Black and White), some UltiMachine PLA (Green), and some New Zealand (from Vik Olliver) PLA (red) from Metrix Create: Space.  I prefer the PLA to the ABS as it warps less and smells much better.  So I decided to order more PLA from UltiMachine.  I ordered 5 lbs of Natural and 5 lbs of Blue Translucent.  I also ordered some nichrome, polyimide tape, and a few thermistors. (for spare parts...)

Here is my un-boxing...
SURPRISE!!!  they sent a sample piece (about 14 feet of each) of  black and silver PLA...

They packaged the nichrome, polyimide tape, and thermistors very well in a inner envelope to protect them (complete with cardboard around the nichrome and thermistors).  Overall I am very pleased so far. Now to start printing with my new plastic...


  1. i would really like to see what something in that blue one looks like, i think it is a neat color.

  2. The blue PLA glows under black light and I have pictures at

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